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Interior House Painting

What Does Interior House Painting Involve?

For the vast majority of homes, interior house painting is straightforward. However, that doesn't mean that it's easy to do correctly if you haven't had plenty of practice. Depending on the size of the project, it can also be physically arduous. This is why most people hire pros to do residential painting for them.

The first step, for most people, is to decide what color they want their walls to be. This can seem like one of the hardest parts of the project, especially if a color is chosen that has several shades available. The most popular main colors are exactly this way, so you might have to pick from one of 40 slightly-different shades of blue or cream. One way to make this step easier is to get color swatches of the most likely shades and hold them up to your walls for comparison.

Next, any furniture that would be in the way of the painters has to be moved. This is mainly to allow access to the walls, but it's usually a good idea to cover the furniture with drop cloths too, just to be safe.

Finally, the actual residential painting project begins. High-quality painters will prepare the walls to ensure that the final result is perfectly smooth. If there are problems like holes in the walls, drywall work may need to be done to fix them. Preparation can also include stripping or priming old paint, cleaning, and similar work.

Once all of this is done, the interior house painting moves on to the actual application of new paint. This is sometimes the fastest step. After it's done, you just need to wait for the paint to dry to enjoy the new look!

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