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Drywall Repair Services

Why Would a Local Painting Company Offer Drywall Repair Services?

When you hire a local painting company to paint your home's interior, you surely want the end result to be perfect. However, the quality of a paint job cannot exceed the quality of the walls themselves.

Since paint lasts so long, it's common for walls to have become damaged between the last paint job and this one, so a perfect result can't be obtained by simply applying another coat of paint. Instead, problems like nail holes, scrapes and dents from furniture, and larger holes must be fixed first. You may also have made prior wall repairs, but had them come out bumpy or otherwise obvious. When these issues are present, the painting company's drywall repair services need to step in.

Professional drywall repair services leave the wall completely flat and free of all holes and dents when they are done. Typically, they will cut out the damaged area and install a patch, which is then covered with drywall compound. The compound is scraped until it is both thin and flat, so once the wall is painted, the repair is completely invisible.

Of course, not all walls will need drywall repair services prior to painting. However, if your walls have any physical damage or textural imperfections, it is essential that you have this type of work done before the paint goes on.

Because of things like this, a local painting company will want to come and see your walls before giving an estimate. Then, there are no surprises down the line.

To schedule an estimate in the Chilliwack and Lower Mainland area, contact Flux Painting today. They'll be glad to make your house look new and beautiful.

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